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Live-Ball is an extended version of doubles "King of the Court". The non-stop action leaves little time to think, and makes you focus on hitting the ball. This format is great for players of all levels because it helps accelerate the learning process.  However, the more advanced the group the more challenging and dynamic the experience becomes. It is a win/win situation for all levels.

This unparalleled action packed pickleball workout will have you running, sweating, and smiling within minutes.  After only a few classes you will find it much easier to run down that drop shot, chase after that lob, keep up in that long rally, and feel like you can stay on the court for hours.​​​

Groups consist of between 5 -7 players for 1.5-hour clinics and 5-8 players for 2-hour clinics.  Is it really possible for one pickleball pro to keep as many as 7 advanced players physically challenged, mentally engaged, and actively playing throughout the clinic? Unequivocally, YES!  In fact, when you're on the court doing the clinic you will be thankful for all the people present.


1 Hour Jumpstart Clinic: $45

1.5 Hour Jumpstart Clinic: $50

1.5 Hour Skills & Drills Clinic: $50

1.5 Hour Liveball Clinic: $50

3 & Me semi private lesson/clinic: $80

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